vendredi 7 mai 2010

When I need not to need I become : Myself free and whole

Goodmorning dear souls!

I have seen that one of the big torture in this life is to create needs, to grow dependent on things or people that we can't have power on, cannot control.
Going this way we definetly choose to hurt ourselves.
We don't decide to grow spiritual and to evolve as free spiritual individuals on their healing way.

In our life we meet people, we fall in love, we build friendship bonds, we dream of forevers, we want more, we also think we need those people sometimes way too much to be healthy.
Sometimes we grow destructive passion, we get addicted to someone's presence and we stop everything just for their own sake.
We expect too much from others.Or we do as they want/wish/say so that we won't lose them.
Is that healthy?

I rememeber a quote that said love is forgetting oneself.
I believe love is self less but to some extent.
To completely forget oneself is good from time to time through meditation,yoga and art for instance but it's important to be connected to our inner source, to be able to get to know ourselves more, to discover always more about who we are, what we are capable to do, how we can keep on evolving and learning and to be able to nurture this feel feel home inside.In this little place for our soul to keep growing.

We'd better be able to know and love oneself to be able to endure the roller coaster of relationships of any kind.
It's not an easy thing.

We,human beings needs some feedbacks, some true sharing, it's the great difference between loneliness and solitude.
the difference between true/honest/sincere love/attachment and dependence/need.

The true dereliction can drive us crazy that is why we have to build bond and find the like minded ones with whom we can interact and share our world/thoughts/dreams and inspirations.
Yet we should all also be able to enjoy ourselves on our own, just doing the things we love.
singing , creating,painting, dancing, writing, whatever makes you feel good, makes you feel safe and at home.
we need to feel proud of ourselves, to be able to see our qualities, our knowledge and so forth and not keep on waiting always for approvals.

I do know compliments are lovely to the ears, but if you live by them, then you're not free.
You limit yourself.
you think your own definition is only through others eyes, which is a way to lose yourself I think.

It is such a great feeling to feel so fine on our own, no need, just twirling in the music or swaying in a peaceful silence in the forest, walking out with your favourite music in your ears.
To feel as one, to feel alone and yet connected, belonging down here, not lost in space and time.
For this of course you need to have some passions/interests( to developpe them and find your talents/skills and all)
you also need to feel confidence, to trust yourself, this life, this world, to feel at home wherever you go, because you're with your best friend: your spirit/your soul

Here are some questions for you to answer and think:

1)Do you need another person to feel complete?why?
Can you enjoy yourself alone?
remember a moment when you were alone and had a laughter, a good feeling, felt special, felt love for yourself, felt happy on your own...

2)How do you deal with solitude?what do you do in your spare time?
do you feel the need to fill the void? are you scared of silence? empty space?loneliness?

3)How do you deal with relationships?friendships?
do you need friends to go somewhere or can you just go on your own and enjoy yourself?

4)If you are able to feel complete and happy on your own, do you feel the need to know those who have hurt you are unhappy now you're not in their life? do you have some anger or old grudge in your saying "I'm just fine on my own and don't need anybody to be me"?

5) do you need approvals and constant feedback to create/share?where does it come according to you?
do you easily give compliments to others?

6)who are your "believing mirrors"( the people who give you trust in yourself cuz they see the best of you) and how they healthily help you be yourself?

Now a creative prompt for those who feel like it.
Compare solitude and loneliness with self portraiture to make a diptych.

Either you can use my picture of nature and create your own diptych with your self portrait or just make your very own diptych with what inspire you solitude and what is looks lonely to you around us in nature or city.

you can feel free to show your work here or post a link to your blog entry :)

thank you for taking part and reading, Blessed be!
Tell Me Why ( la solitude féline) sounds of light

dichotomy,ways and true lies Oh god I miss you

samedi 27 février 2010

The Root chakra

The root chakra is what makes us connected to Earth, where we come from and where we finally go, where we stand, our nurturing mother Earth.
This chakra is located at the base of the spine, when it's balanced we feel grounded, secure and at home everywhere we go.

Ces errances d'envies
me being a rather introvert woman, I have an under active root chakra and I suffer from discomfort in public,not being at ease in a crowd, I don't easily go towards people and I am still trying to feel home and safe everywhere I go.
But I have years of anxiety disorder behind me so I still have to keep learning and working on that chakra.

Maybe it's also the fact I am so unmaterialistic and too much of a dreamer, that I fly high in my world all the time, I live in poetry a lot and imagination is a good place to be. I love to embellish the real world, yet I feel balanced in what is real and what is dream, and I am convinced we can put dreams in our reality and it's wonderful!

The root chakra is related to the color red, life force, blood,survival,primal and fundation.

here are some questions for you to answer :

1) Do you take good care of your body? have a healthy diet? do regular exercises?

2)Do you have any physical pain?

3)Do you welcome abundance in your life?or does it scare you? Are you working hard and earn enough from your work?

4)are you balanced and connected body and soul or do you separate both,have tendencies to be more your soul than your body?

5)Does fear hold you back in your life?

6) do you feel physically there, living in the here and now?or do you have a hard time to stay focused and centered?are you the kind of person who lives with the desire of a better tomorrow all the time( as if you always needed more)?
Mystify the Ritual


mercredi 10 février 2010

Sacral chakra: I am life body and soul and I live in hopes and faith

The sacral chakra is associated with the color red-orange and situated in the lower abdomen to the navel of the human body.

Eve meets lilith
When you sacral chakra is balanced you have a fullfiling sexual and emotional life.
You are able to express your desire and emotion, you are aware to be body+soul and you are clearly aware of being allowed to be a spiritual and also a sexual being.

Helluva Real Woman She d.i.y.(s) for love

when your sacral chakra is blocked or over active you have tendencies to be over emotional, have a lack of control over your emotions, easily blame on others for your pain,may feel guilty about expressing your real emotions or desires.

Here are some questions for you ,feel free to answer here or at your own blog and provide a link here in the comments, or of course you can do it for yourself only in a paper journal.

1)What are you passionate about in your life and how does it make you feel?

2)Can you transforme deep and hurtful emotions into creative works in order to let go and balance your life?

3)Are you able to express each and any of your emotions? how do you feel right now? fears?anger?joy?sadness?

4)Are you comfortable and in bloom in your sexuality or do you feel guilt, lacks, unable to express a lot about your desires, blocked by past , mistrust or lack of self confidence?

5)How do you behave in society, amongst a group, do you feel you can be yourself and trust others, or are you rather aside, shy?

6)Compare on how you emotionally deal with big sorrow/pain/disapointment versus immense bliss/big time joy/pleasure?

and I will end up with this quote:

Hey you, expecting results without effort! So sensitive! So long-suffering! You, in the clutches of death, acting like an immortal! Hey sufferer, you are destroying yourself!

-Santideva, Bodhicaryavatara

My interpretation of this buddhism wisdom quote is that yes we suffer but why dwelling in the darkness?why just living a life of endless lamentation,drowning the beauty and sacredness of our soul in our pool of bitter tears.

Seize the day my friends!

It's time to dry your tears and go right back towards the Light of being alive above Life itself ^______^

Fall : I let go

mercredi 27 janvier 2010

Honor & celebrate your soul, take risks and be responsible for your life improvements!

Assert your soul & honor your self to spread your inner light around you

The solar plexus chakra that's what we need to study on such a cold winter day!
The solar plexus is associated with the color yellow just like the bright sunshine it's linked with warmth, energy and spontaneity and playfulness.

It is located in the solar plexus when it is balanced you are most likely able to love yourself,nurture your soul and enjoy a deeply fulfilling emotional life.
You dare to be wrong and to dream, you allow your self to take risks because you are aware there is always more to win in this than with inertia or negative attitude/beating about the bush.

if your solar plexus chakra is blocked or deficient, you are a rather passive person, you can also suffer anxiety, a tendency to let people control you,lack of self confidence/self esteem,feel tired very often and have a too low energy to keep goals going the way you'd wish and you deny your emotions you try not to feel or just don't show what you really feel.

when your solar plexus chakra is overactive you have a tendency to need other's attention much, you need to be in the light, you can be over pride which is never healthy and can only live in ephemeral burning passions & desires instead of building lasting things.

Here are some questions for you to work on your solar plexus chakra and see what can be done to unblock it or just balance it more.

1)What are the risks you've taken recently if you've dared to take any?
if you never take any risk, feel free to talk about a situation where you may have won much more by taking risks?

2)Repeat after me : "I matter".
The myth of Amaterasu the Japanese sun goddess could be useful to let yourself shine and honor your soul.
See your own light in the mirror, find ways how you can shine and celebrate your soul.

3)Are you easily blocked by people's judgement and attitudes towards you or do you go your own way no matter?why?

4)Can you assert yourself without being arrogant? can you feel proud without denying other's talents and quality?
Do you have a healthy balanced self love?

5)Are you aware of your responsibility facing your actions? are you the creator/leader of your own bliss?or how can you be closer to that?
Do you let others have control over you and the way you lead your life?are you needy of approvals, why?

Let your solar goddess celebrate the fire of life

Blessed be and dare to love yourself!

mardi 5 janvier 2010

Let your Anahata chakra radiate even more this year! Love yourself & you will have more love to shower on others!


The heart chakra(anahata chakra in sanskrit) is located in the center of the chest and associated with the colors green or pink.

To work this chakra you can meditate with stones like pink quartz, jade,moldavite,pink or green tourmaline.

The heart chakra is the place of love, compassion,forgiveness.
A lot of people have a very hard time to dare love themselves and see how beautiful they can be, that they are love and loved.

In the center of the heart there is the little girl/boy sometimes both of them ;)that is your inner child.
she can be easily hurt at times,she can be a demanding brat,she can be jealous or even play the martyr ' nobody loves meeee' mod,this place bears memories of past hurt, of the way your childhood was and it keeps holding all your dreams and wishes.

To begin to love yourself you must focus on this inner little girl/boy and hug her/him spiritually.
Listen to what she/he needs at the present moment.
Try to remember what you desired the most as a child, what made you felt safe, loved or happy.

Reconnect with the easy spontaneous and enthusiastic child love,it is so freeing!
Enjoy simple things, find love everywhere!

Make a long list that begins with Love is...

and find out what brings a feeling of love in your life.

Connect with your inner child.Tell her you understand her. Tell her you love her and you will not abandon her ever.
Look at yourself in the mirror and try to remember that spark of a child eyes, come back to your innocence.
Focus on the beauty only.

You have reasons to be there, you have things to give and you deserve like everybody else to receive love back.

Here are some questions for you to exercise your heart chakra and analyse by yourself the state of it at the present time and what you should do to make it more balanced.

1)What are the strings attached to your self love?
can you look at your self in the mirror, deep into your eyes and see the beauty that radiate from you?
can you make a list of at least 5 qualities of yours others give you, do you agree with them?
how do you react to compliments?

2)Have you ever had a fake smile attitude?Are you able to let go on past pain?
Or do you keep on reliving the same kind of sorrow cycle by coming back to your past wounds?
Can you offer a true forgiveness or do you bear grudges, keep on telling reproaches to the ones you say you care about?
Do you believe you owe something to others and they owe you something back when you think you've given them so much?

3)How can you free your self/your mind and heal once and for good your past wounds?

4)How is your self trust at the moment?Can you trust others easily or do you have a blockage here?How could you open up to others more easily?

LOVE is immense, beyond the beyond, the ocean, love is like waves bringing back the gems of the soul, of humanity, the preciousness of sparks that resonates, magick...Pure is inspiration!Love heals all!Love is all around!

Love is not only romantic, love is pure, sisterly,brotherly,full of humanity,caring,loving kindness.
You can see in many things each day, celebrate this!Spread more Love around you this year!

Blessings and faery embraces

live love laugh

lundi 4 janvier 2010

Believe in yourself

This is the song of the day,you can meditate on the lyrics.

God loves his children

Written by: Lenny Kravitz/Henry Hirsch

I am you and you are me
Why's that such a mystery?
If you want it you got to believe
Who are we? We're who we are
Riding on this great big star
We've got to stand up if we're gonna be free yeah

If you want it you got it
You just got to believe
Believe in yourself
'Cause it's all just a game
We just want to be loved

The Son of God is in our face
Offering us eternal grace

If you want it you've got to believe
'Cause being free is a state of mind
We'll one day leave this all behind
Just put your faith in God and one day you'll see it

If you want it you got it
You just got to believe
Believe in yourself
'Cause it's all just a game
We just want to be loved

The future's in our present hands
Let's reach right in
Let's understand
If you want it you've got to believe yeah

If you want it you got it
You just got to believe
Believe in yourself yeah
'Cause it's all just a game
We just want to be loved


To me this song is not necessarily about having a religion,but especially having faith in life, the universe and your own soul/spirit/being.

It shows how some Faith really frees your self and make you able to love yourself and feel the love given, may it be by your family, friends,the angels, God/Goddess, the universe and so forth.
Love is given to us in a thousands ways, little things in our daily life, signs,messages,a smile,a compliment.

I believe we all can nurture the sacred inside us and sparkle it out,offer it.
and no matter who's giving this to you God or something else, a person, your special someone, your spiritual sister or brother, your children, your passions... we are offered Eternal Grace.

Let's make the best of it!

Blessed be & a wonderful year 2010 to each of you!

vendredi 18 décembre 2009

Liberate your inner voice and dare to speak your truths!

I love the snow.

La neige sur les églantines
I could stare by the window for hours contemplating the gentle flakes twirling in the white sky,it is so apeasing all this whiteness.
I love how sudden snow changes everything and everyone, children play and giggle, even grown ups remember their inner child, people smile more, we feel sweeter and when I was in a very bad time of my life I remember how the snow kept cheering me up.
It's often something healing when depressive people dream of mountains and snow.

be yourself dont hide
Today we're going to study the throat chakra located in the neck.
Some of you may have already noticed this thing happening when they've utter very bad words out of anger or when they hold their truth not to hurt another and then suffering from their throat, sore throat.
There is always an answer.

here are some questions for you to evaluate your throat chakra:

1)Do you dare speak up your mind everytime you feel like it and do you feel heard?
or do you fear to be judged if you tell your thoughts?What are the things that shows you have been heard ?Do you feel misunderstood?misinterpreted?
How do you react to that?

2)How do you express yourself creatively? can you pass messages and share your thoughts through creative activities?

3)Do you follow your own inner muse voice wherever she might take you or do you sometimes censore yourself?why?

4)Do you consider yourself a good listener? Do you take the time to give an honest, free and kind listening to the people who feel the need to talk to you, share personal worries/problems?

5)What are you honest views about lies? Do you always tell the truth or sometimes leave it silent because you cannot speak?

6)Is it easy for you to speak about yourself, your soul, the person that you are?(feel free to developpe)

embrace your imperfection

***Blessings and faery lights***