mercredi 27 janvier 2010

Honor & celebrate your soul, take risks and be responsible for your life improvements!

Assert your soul & honor your self to spread your inner light around you

The solar plexus chakra that's what we need to study on such a cold winter day!
The solar plexus is associated with the color yellow just like the bright sunshine it's linked with warmth, energy and spontaneity and playfulness.

It is located in the solar plexus when it is balanced you are most likely able to love yourself,nurture your soul and enjoy a deeply fulfilling emotional life.
You dare to be wrong and to dream, you allow your self to take risks because you are aware there is always more to win in this than with inertia or negative attitude/beating about the bush.

if your solar plexus chakra is blocked or deficient, you are a rather passive person, you can also suffer anxiety, a tendency to let people control you,lack of self confidence/self esteem,feel tired very often and have a too low energy to keep goals going the way you'd wish and you deny your emotions you try not to feel or just don't show what you really feel.

when your solar plexus chakra is overactive you have a tendency to need other's attention much, you need to be in the light, you can be over pride which is never healthy and can only live in ephemeral burning passions & desires instead of building lasting things.

Here are some questions for you to work on your solar plexus chakra and see what can be done to unblock it or just balance it more.

1)What are the risks you've taken recently if you've dared to take any?
if you never take any risk, feel free to talk about a situation where you may have won much more by taking risks?

2)Repeat after me : "I matter".
The myth of Amaterasu the Japanese sun goddess could be useful to let yourself shine and honor your soul.
See your own light in the mirror, find ways how you can shine and celebrate your soul.

3)Are you easily blocked by people's judgement and attitudes towards you or do you go your own way no matter?why?

4)Can you assert yourself without being arrogant? can you feel proud without denying other's talents and quality?
Do you have a healthy balanced self love?

5)Are you aware of your responsibility facing your actions? are you the creator/leader of your own bliss?or how can you be closer to that?
Do you let others have control over you and the way you lead your life?are you needy of approvals, why?

Let your solar goddess celebrate the fire of life

Blessed be and dare to love yourself!

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