vendredi 27 novembre 2009

Introduction, the great beginning

Between light and darkness

I have always wanted to be able to share my knowledge,musings and energies with others.
That's what I've done as an artist and as a human being for as long as I can remember.

I have been a sharer of thoughts,dreams,inspirations and I could finally realise that I was weaving light, making connections,doing something good with my words and art.
it took me years of soul searching and I am still learning,growing,improving myself with time.

I have had years of suffering in my soul,struggling,falling,meeting walls,even self loathing.
I know where I come from, I know my darkness and I am unafraid of it.

I have decided to create this blog to SHARE + CONNECT with other humans who are still soul searching, who need some guidance/light/Musing.

I am not a well organised neither a well disciplined person so I will just begin this one day at a time and hopefully find an interesting balance to keep this blog alive and working.

For the short intro I am Hélène deroubaix, a French self proclaimed muse coach/lightweaver and always fascinated by humanity (our behaviours ,emotions and relationships) and my only aim is to offer what I have in stock in my heart/mind/soul.

I am someone very honest and frank, so I will keep this real always, with my own idiosyncrasy.
Bear with me.
I am not someone who will say everything is perfect, life is all roses and keep chin up all the time!

I do believe in the right of expressing each of our emotions, even the negative ones because holding them inside is self pollution towards slow destruction of everything that can shine and sparkle inside you.

I am verbose and sometimes quite silent so it will also depend on my mood how it will go week by week, month by month.

Also there will be some mispelling and syntax problems at times because English not being my mother tongue.

I hope to share interesting things and to be able to bring some good energies,positive click for you to make the first steps towards the life you desire and the person you want to be, the things you want to heal/clean/clear/improve/developpe and so forth.

There will be a subject, some question to make you think and reveal to yourself pieces of your innermost self, if you play honest with yourself answering the questions you will see how you can grow as a spiritual balanced individual and feel proud of your growth.
There will also be creative prompts(photography,mixed media painting/collages and writing), sharing of inspirations,music that touches me and why and really many different things.

I am who I am because of the things I have lived till now, I don't regret all the pain, all the turmoils...If I am honest with myself even during my time of depression there was beauty in my existence but I just could not see.
I would re-live it all and I wouldn't change a thing because it took me right where I should be here & now,with an absolutely adorable & wonderful husband(that I will never ever take for granted)with a baby to make our life blossom even more in March 2010 and I am ready for new Happy Beginnings as this year ends.

If you want to take part to this blog, feel free either to comment or blog your answers and creations with a link here so I can see what you've done,on this first post feel free to introduce yourself if you want the way you want!

and this should be the song of the day, for the opening of this new blog, because at this time of year( thanksgiving and also end of the year, it's a good time for assessment and looking back with gratefulness for all we learnt lived and loved/admired/shared this year and before.

Merry meet and be welcome to my sanctuary.

Thank you