vendredi 18 décembre 2009

Liberate your inner voice and dare to speak your truths!

I love the snow.

La neige sur les églantines
I could stare by the window for hours contemplating the gentle flakes twirling in the white sky,it is so apeasing all this whiteness.
I love how sudden snow changes everything and everyone, children play and giggle, even grown ups remember their inner child, people smile more, we feel sweeter and when I was in a very bad time of my life I remember how the snow kept cheering me up.
It's often something healing when depressive people dream of mountains and snow.

be yourself dont hide
Today we're going to study the throat chakra located in the neck.
Some of you may have already noticed this thing happening when they've utter very bad words out of anger or when they hold their truth not to hurt another and then suffering from their throat, sore throat.
There is always an answer.

here are some questions for you to evaluate your throat chakra:

1)Do you dare speak up your mind everytime you feel like it and do you feel heard?
or do you fear to be judged if you tell your thoughts?What are the things that shows you have been heard ?Do you feel misunderstood?misinterpreted?
How do you react to that?

2)How do you express yourself creatively? can you pass messages and share your thoughts through creative activities?

3)Do you follow your own inner muse voice wherever she might take you or do you sometimes censore yourself?why?

4)Do you consider yourself a good listener? Do you take the time to give an honest, free and kind listening to the people who feel the need to talk to you, share personal worries/problems?

5)What are you honest views about lies? Do you always tell the truth or sometimes leave it silent because you cannot speak?

6)Is it easy for you to speak about yourself, your soul, the person that you are?(feel free to developpe)

embrace your imperfection

***Blessings and faery lights***

2 commentaires:

  1. Snow is beautiful :) and the photo on the top is just fantastic and inspiring. I love to see white landscapes is so magical and relaxing. One thing I don't like is walk on ice, I'm really afraid of ice, I must be careful ;))
    I always have problems with the throat, I think I need to speak more what I really feel and communicate more and more and don't be too much quiet. I need to express ...
    Beautiful post.
    Have a lovely afternoon.

  2. If I said I were more like an angel than a saint or messiah my psychiatrist would be wound looking for a better medication and reason to talk me down. They possess naive power, and do not understand metaphor. If I suggested schizophrenia is a mystical disease or a mystical visitation of a physical ailment, they'd circle wagons. So I blog.


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