mardi 5 janvier 2010

Let your Anahata chakra radiate even more this year! Love yourself & you will have more love to shower on others!


The heart chakra(anahata chakra in sanskrit) is located in the center of the chest and associated with the colors green or pink.

To work this chakra you can meditate with stones like pink quartz, jade,moldavite,pink or green tourmaline.

The heart chakra is the place of love, compassion,forgiveness.
A lot of people have a very hard time to dare love themselves and see how beautiful they can be, that they are love and loved.

In the center of the heart there is the little girl/boy sometimes both of them ;)that is your inner child.
she can be easily hurt at times,she can be a demanding brat,she can be jealous or even play the martyr ' nobody loves meeee' mod,this place bears memories of past hurt, of the way your childhood was and it keeps holding all your dreams and wishes.

To begin to love yourself you must focus on this inner little girl/boy and hug her/him spiritually.
Listen to what she/he needs at the present moment.
Try to remember what you desired the most as a child, what made you felt safe, loved or happy.

Reconnect with the easy spontaneous and enthusiastic child love,it is so freeing!
Enjoy simple things, find love everywhere!

Make a long list that begins with Love is...

and find out what brings a feeling of love in your life.

Connect with your inner child.Tell her you understand her. Tell her you love her and you will not abandon her ever.
Look at yourself in the mirror and try to remember that spark of a child eyes, come back to your innocence.
Focus on the beauty only.

You have reasons to be there, you have things to give and you deserve like everybody else to receive love back.

Here are some questions for you to exercise your heart chakra and analyse by yourself the state of it at the present time and what you should do to make it more balanced.

1)What are the strings attached to your self love?
can you look at your self in the mirror, deep into your eyes and see the beauty that radiate from you?
can you make a list of at least 5 qualities of yours others give you, do you agree with them?
how do you react to compliments?

2)Have you ever had a fake smile attitude?Are you able to let go on past pain?
Or do you keep on reliving the same kind of sorrow cycle by coming back to your past wounds?
Can you offer a true forgiveness or do you bear grudges, keep on telling reproaches to the ones you say you care about?
Do you believe you owe something to others and they owe you something back when you think you've given them so much?

3)How can you free your self/your mind and heal once and for good your past wounds?

4)How is your self trust at the moment?Can you trust others easily or do you have a blockage here?How could you open up to others more easily?

LOVE is immense, beyond the beyond, the ocean, love is like waves bringing back the gems of the soul, of humanity, the preciousness of sparks that resonates, magick...Pure is inspiration!Love heals all!Love is all around!

Love is not only romantic, love is pure, sisterly,brotherly,full of humanity,caring,loving kindness.
You can see in many things each day, celebrate this!Spread more Love around you this year!

Blessings and faery embraces

live love laugh

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