samedi 27 février 2010

The Root chakra

The root chakra is what makes us connected to Earth, where we come from and where we finally go, where we stand, our nurturing mother Earth.
This chakra is located at the base of the spine, when it's balanced we feel grounded, secure and at home everywhere we go.

Ces errances d'envies
me being a rather introvert woman, I have an under active root chakra and I suffer from discomfort in public,not being at ease in a crowd, I don't easily go towards people and I am still trying to feel home and safe everywhere I go.
But I have years of anxiety disorder behind me so I still have to keep learning and working on that chakra.

Maybe it's also the fact I am so unmaterialistic and too much of a dreamer, that I fly high in my world all the time, I live in poetry a lot and imagination is a good place to be. I love to embellish the real world, yet I feel balanced in what is real and what is dream, and I am convinced we can put dreams in our reality and it's wonderful!

The root chakra is related to the color red, life force, blood,survival,primal and fundation.

here are some questions for you to answer :

1) Do you take good care of your body? have a healthy diet? do regular exercises?

2)Do you have any physical pain?

3)Do you welcome abundance in your life?or does it scare you? Are you working hard and earn enough from your work?

4)are you balanced and connected body and soul or do you separate both,have tendencies to be more your soul than your body?

5)Does fear hold you back in your life?

6) do you feel physically there, living in the here and now?or do you have a hard time to stay focused and centered?are you the kind of person who lives with the desire of a better tomorrow all the time( as if you always needed more)?
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