mardi 1 décembre 2009

Time to find the Divine in you and live in the Essential Here & Now

Cleansing your chakras

Greetings scattered with sparkling snowflakes,

December already.How fast did it go once again?don't you agree?

This december seems particularly gentle to me, I mean I used to be often very depressed,melancholic and all during the somber seasons, just because I'm always craving for sunlights just like orchids do ;)

The view by my window is now less pretty,in autumn it looked like I had a forest and now the trees have lost all their leaves and it all looks very dreary, hopefully some snow could give it another charm :)

But some curtains would be nice as well.I cannot walk naked in my living room can you believe this?
Okay let's be serious for a moment if you mind.
Today we're going to work on the crown chakra also called Sahasrara Chakra located just above your skull.

The good way to be in touch with your crow chakra is to meditate, take a few minute for a soul time. just for you.
You can go somewhere where you feel at home and safe, either in the forest, by the sea, in your bath and take some time to let go.

You can close your eyes if you feel safe and join your hands above your head, just like me on the picture but above your head or just forming an arch.

You can do some deep breathing, sighing to let go of negative energy and to welcome light in your mind.
You can visualise a violet mist gliding on your head gently, clearing all your thoughts, letting go, washing away everything you don't need right now.

When your crown chakra is balanced you can transcend your own self and go deeper to knowing your self and understanding things and others.
You can get more in touch with your deeper meaning to be here and now in this world in this body and at that place, in time, in space, in life.
You can begin to awaken new inspiration and inspire at your turn, sharing your own light.

What is great about developping our crown chakra is to be more in touch with our spirit.
We can more easily be turned towards the essential, do things one day at a time and stop worrying about material things that could uselessly torture our mind in this time of economic crisis.

Here are some questions for you, feel free to answer them as honestly as you can, you can do this here in comments or at your blog and share your link in comments :)

1)How are you connected to your own spirituality?Do you take some time to think about your reasons to be there, your life purpose?
are you in touch with divine messages you could receive through your dreams,signs in your daily life and do you take time to interprete them and find the guidance you need through them?

2)How do you feel inside right now?
What is at this precise time your essential?What are you living for? what makes you want to wake up in the morning?
if you lack of reasons to wake up in the morning how can you improve that?
Can you find the present blessings in your situation at the moment?

3)Do you have a clear and honest inner communication?do you kindly take the time to listen to your self as you would do with your own best friend?
Do you take the time to "give kind comments/compliments" to your self like you would do to your own best friend?
Can you listen and apply the advice you would take the time to kindly give to your own best friend?

Our source-ress is located in that crown chakra, you can awake her, link your soul to all that is unique and sacred in you!
You are loved, you are blessed and the universe is listening!

be kind to your soul, give your inner self a loving hug.

***Blessings & bright light***

2 commentaires:

  1. It's a beautiful post my dear Helene :) and it made me think a lot. I would like very much to answer those questions you make to yourself and to the others and share with you,. Very interesting how you move hearts with these important reflexions and is also important that we find the time in our daily life to take some minutes to meditate and think about this .

  2. thank you so much my dear, it's pleasant to know what I do can be heard and be useful:)
    I am thinking of answering them to, to developpe this further and share some more thoughts.
    Today is tiring, lots of cooking:)
    we're inviting a couple of friends for tea time, ha! lots of sugary things ;)
    It's always because in my little life I have heard people repeating how they "dont have the time" and always finding the best excuse to postpone some self time, this shows something to them.
    This can explain fears, doubts,lack of trust,lack of motivations and they can begin from this asking why, what is making them need to find excuse and aren t they relived not to have the time!
    Yet I also understand those hectic time when we really don't have the time, but to say that we cannot be everything, every women/men inside us it is not true.
    This life is way to short never to play with our inner muse, inner child and personas:)
    I am sure you agree on this!
    thank you for your comment, I'll be interested to read your answers!


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