dimanche 13 décembre 2009

Open your Third Eyes, make peace with your interpretation of things and the reality to develope a higher understanding

Greetings sprinkled with sequins and glow in the dark stars,

Keep Believing in Angels
I love the calm of winter sundays afternoon ,everything is like frozen.

today we're going to work on the brow chakra that we can also call our Third Eyes.
It's located in the center of the forehead and it's our sacred place of wisdom and visualisations.

When your brow chakra is balanced you have a better sense of understanding and you can face your own truth.
For meditation to open this chakra you can use stones like : Purple Flourite, Sugalite, Lapis.

Here are some questions for you, feel free to answer them as honestly as you can, you can do this here in comments or at your blog and share your link in comments :)

1)What are the things that block your life at the present moment?Write down your fears and how can you deal with them,face them?

2)Can you see a cycle in your present life of things happening, in your behaviours, in your lacks, in your frustrations?
Do you keep on complaining about the same issues, do you always end up disapointed, deprived and how can you break the chain of this cycle?

3)Can you put your deeper thoughts, your dreams, your wishes into actions? can you make concrete things happen right now , why?

4)Do you see the clear picture of your self?When you close your eyes and think of your soul what do you see? symbols? images?colors?

5) Do you judge others and yourself quickly and often?Can you make a difference between your interpretation of things, of others and the way things can truly be(different from your own thoughts)?


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